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US Hemp Authority Announces Certification Program for Hemp Industry Growers

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As the hemp industry matures and grows, the need for education, consistency, and regulation becomes even more important. The US Hemp Authority has announced a program that aims to help promote those qualities in the industry’s professionals. According to an email sent to subscribers of their online newsletter, the US Hemp Authority is teaming up with GAP Connections to offer certifications for growers.

In their newsletter, they explain, “Farmers who comply with the rigorous standards under the certification programs set by the two organizations will be able to signal to the marketplace that they utilize good agricultural practices. Under this agreement, GAPC will serve as the U.S. Hemp Authority’s certifying body for farmers, and growers that achieve compliance status will be able to boast the certification seal from both organizations.”

This latest certification is one of the many offered by both the GAP Connections and the US Hemp Authority to help better the hemp industry and the professionals that work in it.

Who is the US Hemp Authority?

The US Hemp Authority was established in 2016 with the goal to “provide high standards, best practices, and self-regulation, giving consumers and retailers confidence in hemp and CBD products.”

While the US Hemp Authority is one of several certification programs that US hemp brands can accrue, the US Hemp Authority is known for the high standards to which it holds its members. For more information about their certification programs, please click here.

What is the GAP Connection?

The GAP Connection (or GAPC for short) is a “501 (c) (5), nonprofit agricultural membership organization that provides leadership for the adoption of agricultural standards and practices which produce a quality crop while protecting, sustaining, or enhancing the environment, ensure the safety and rights of farm laborers, and recognize those producers who are committed to a higher standard.”

The GAPC offers several certifications for various farming programs, including hemp. For more information about their certification programs, please click here.

Certifications Help Elevate Your Career

With the high level of competition in the hemp industry, setting yourself apart is crucial to your success. There are several ways to do just that, but one of the best ways is by accruing and maintaining hemp-centered certifications. Certifications are a way to help solidify your standing within the community and set yourself apart from the pack.

However, not all certifications are made the same. When choosing which certifications to apply to, it is important to thoroughly research the ones you are considering. Some items to consider when researching a certification program include (but are not limited to);

  • The qualifications required to achieve the certification.

  • The brands and organizations associated with the certification program.

  • If the certification program reflects the current laws and regulations of the industry

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How do I Start the Hemp Grower Certification Process?

Want to get the certification provided by both the GAPC and the US Hemp Authority? At the time of this writing, registration is open to sign up and start the certification process. And while you walk through the process, both the GAPC and the US Hemp Authority offer many varieties of educational materials on their websites.

According to the early March newsletter sent by the US Hemp Authority, both programs will be cohosting a free educational webinar on March 23rd. For more information about the webinar and its schedule, please click here.

Those who are looking to get started on the certification process can get started on the GAPC website. Applicants will need to apply for certification by April 15, 2023. For questions about the program or certification process, please reach out to either program for clarification.